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I thought to stop here because it was mentioned to me of a trail that was built through part of the town. I looked it up on the internet, the official city site. It said there was a bicycle, jogging and walking path. So I thought ok if it is good for bicycles it must be ok for skates. WRONG. Well first the place the web site said to park to get to the trail, when I got there I found the parking lot (empty) but also restricted parking signs saying parking with out permit and you will get towed. So I  finally found the path, and a place to park, and guess what, it is a dirt and gravel path??

So I skated around the University (University of Missouri) that was ok, I am not sure if it was allowed, the security guards sure gave me a hard look. But being summer, everthing was really quiet and they left me alone. But nearby in "downtown" there are signs everywhere, NO ROLLERBLADES ALLOWED. I did find the "official" skate park north of town, they had a aggressive rink, that is not my thing, but I figured they might have places to skate. Well I found the skating trail, a circular one mail track - BORING. So I tried to skate the parking lots, but they were in such bad shape, ruts, and rocks and cracks.  The parking lot was so poorly constructed it was not safe to skate on.. On the road outside the part it had a bicycle lane, so I thought to try that. Well the bicycle lane was so full of garbage that was not suitable at all. I understood the town disliked skating when skating the circular skating path, int the skating park, where the skating path crossed a small road, it was the rollerskating path that had stop signs posted to it, not the car roads. Cars in the skating park did not have to stop for skaters, in the skate park, on the skate path, but the skaters had to look out for and stop for cars, in the skate park, on the skate path. And where the skate path crossed the road there was a great big hole right in front the skating path, great place for a crash. Columbia needs to do a better job.

The roads around town that I tried were impossible. No room for skaters, Traffic was HEAVY, and often fast.

Maybe just being in town for a few days I missed the good places and good people to skate with. If so please let me know.


Category Description



Road Surface

Describes road surface conditions


I am sure it had good parts, but much of what I encountered was not good at all. India had better..

Road Conditions

Is there enough room for skating on the road? Are intersections crossable?

No!, the one road I saw with a bicycle lane was so full of garbage and rocks skating was not good at all.

Traffic Conditions

Describes level and condition of traffic. Is the traffic heavy, fast or erratic.

 Traffic was heavy and fast, and this was summer, I would hate to skate on the roads when school was in session. Once on a road, where two lanes moved into one, two cars where drag racing, in traffic, in town to see who could reach the single lane first. I heard the noise and left the road in time.

Driver Attitudes

Describes how drivers react to and treat skaters



Danger Level

Describes overall danger of skating in this location. Everyplace is dangerous to street skate. Street skating means crumbling roads, bad drivers (or worse), air pollution and even nature. But some places are more dangerous than others

Very dangerous. Fast drivers, roads with bad surfaces, no room.

Criminal Factor

How serious is crime in this location.


Did not hear anything or see anything to worry about.

Cool Factor

Is this a cool place to skate.


The University is cool, all else, no, not really.

Fun Factor

Is this a fun place to skate.


Maybe I missed it, if so and you know what I missed, please tell me.


Are there sidewalks, and if there are what are they like? Often having sidewalks can be worse than not having them. With a bad sidewalk drivers may assume you should be using it - no matter how dangerous it is to use, and react very badly when they see you on the road instead of the sidewalk.

.Lots of places had no sidewalks, some that did, the sidewalks just ended, so in poor repair.


Any other conditions or issues that were found while skating here




A summarization of the skating experience at this location.


Desire to Return - Overall Rating

The bottom line. Is the place good enough that we want to return here to skate it more. With all the above taken into consideration how much are we looking forward return and skate this location further.


No way. If I am missing something, please let me know.






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